The Kentucky Educators’ Political Action Committee (“KEPAC”) is a permanent committee affiliated with the Kentucky Education Association (“KEA”). All KEA Active, Part-time, KEA-Retired and KEA-Student Program members are eligible to voluntarily contribute to KEPAC, which uses the money to support pro-public education candidates in state and local elections. No KEA member dues dollars support KEPAC.  Contributions to KEPAC are voluntary and KEA members have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. 

Like KEA, KEPAC is a member driven organization with a democratic governance structure.

KEPAC endorses and financially supports candidates in school board races, legislative races and constitutional officer races across the state.  The KEPAC members recommend incumbents or candidates to the KEPAC State Committee for endorsement.  Recommendations may be the result of a local interview process or may be based on an incumbent’s voting record, or both. Only the KEPAC State Committee may make an official endorsement.

Remember to Be an Education Voter.  KEPAC endorses education friendly candidates because their records or stated positions show their support for policies that we believe benefit all public school students and employees.  But they all need your help.  Please volunteer your time and resources to help KEPAC-endorsed candidates get elected.


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