Election Information - Candidate Endorsements

Remember to Be an Education Voter.  KEPAC endorses education friendly candidates because their records or stated positions show their support for policies that we believe benefit all public school students and employees.  But they all need your help.  Please volunteer your time and resources to help KEPAC-endorsed candidates get elected.

The KEPAC Committee has issued the following endorsements for the 2018 general election and believes these candidates have demonstrated their continued support for public education. The committee will continue, over the coming months to send out questionnaires and conduct interviews for additional candidates and issue additional endorsements for candidates who demonstrate their support public education. 

Download PDF file of endorsed candidates

Writing in a candidate is simple:
1. Find the race you are looking to write-in (ex: State Representative)
2. Check “Write-In
3. Write in the name of the candidate you wish to vote for. Name does not have to be spelled 100% correctly but must be consistent with the real name of the candidate.

Mayor: Lexington Fayette County Urban Government -  Ronnie Bastin

School Board Races:

County/City Name District
Boone County Julia Pile 4
Boone County Karen Byrd 5
Fayette County Tyler Murphy 2
Grant County Loretta Flerlage 2
Henderson County J. Kirk Haynes 2
Laurel County Patrick Murphy 1
Laurel County John Begley 3
Pike County Ireland "Heavy Duty" Blakenship 1
Pike County Nee Jackson 4
Pike County Shane Hurley 5

  Kentucky State Senate

District 2: Julie Tennyson
District 4: Dorsey Ridley
District 6: C.B. Embry
District 8: Bob Glenn
District 10: Dennis Parrett
District 12: Paula Setser-Kissick
District 14: Stephanie Compton
District 16: Nicole Britton  Write In
District 18: Robin Webb
District 20: Dave Sueholtz
District 22: Tom Buford
District 24: Rachel Roberts
District 28: Denise Gray
District 30: Brandon Smith
District 32: Jeanie Smith
District 38: Andrew Bailey  Write In

Kentucky House of Representatives

District 1:  Desiree Owen
District 2: Charlotte Goddard
District 3: Martha Emmons
District 4: Abigail Barnes
District 5: David Ramey
District 6: Linda Story Edwards
District 7: Joy Gray
District 8: Jeffery Taylor
District 9: William Coleman
District 10: Dean Schamore
District 12: Bruce Kunze
District 13: Jim Glenn
District 14: Scott Lewis
District 15: Brent Yonts
District 16: Robert R. Nelson Write In
District 17: Malcolm Cherry
District 18: Donielle Lovell
District 20: Patti Minter
District 21: Jarrett Cox
District 22: Wilson Stone
District 23: Steve Riley
District 24: Terry Mills
District 25: Tom Williamson
District 27: Jeff Greer
District 28: Charles Miller
District 30: Tom Burch
District 32: Tina Bojanowski
District 34: Mary Lou Marzian
District 35: Lisa Willner
District 38: McKenzie Cantrell
District 39: Russ Meyer
District 41: Attica Woodson Scott
District 42: Reggie Meeks
District 44: Joni Jenkins
District 45: Josh Hicks
District 46: Alan "Al" Gentry
District 47: Rick Rand
District 49: Linda Belcher
District 50: James DeWeese
District 51: Richard Steele  Write In
District 52: Dean Sumpter
District 54: Lydia Coffey  Write In
District 55: Cathy Carter
District 56: Joe Graviss
District 57: Derrick Graham
District 58: Bobby Lacer
District 60: Jesse Parks
District 61: Darrell Link
District 62: Jenny Urie
District 63: Josh Blair
District 64: Larry Varney
District 65: Buddy Wheatley
District 66: C. Ed Massey
District 67: Dennis Keene
District 68: Jason Kilmer
District 69: Col Owens
District 70: John Sims
District 71: R. Travis Brenda
District 72: Emily Ferguson
District 73: Pat Banks
District 74: James Davis
District 75: Kelly Flood
District 76: Ruth Ann Palumbo
District 77: George Brown
District 78: Greg Coulson
District 79: Susan Westrom
District 81: Morgan Eaves
District 84: Tom Pope
District 85: Mona Eldridge  Write In
District 86: Jim Stewart
District 87: Dustin Allen
District 88: Cherlynn Stevenson
District 89: Robert Goforth 
District 91: Cluster Howard
District 92: John Blanton
District 93: Chris Harris
District 94: Angie Hatton
District 95: Ashley Tackett Laferty
District 96: Jill York
District 98: R.B. McKenzie
District 99: Rocky Adkins
District 100: Terri Branham Clark

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